Do Business Here-Socialize Elsewhere!


GJOA.US, a Nebraska, USA virtual company, is an extension of the original B2B portal, which went live in 1998, rebranded with a new name, new appearance and new functionality. Current functionality consists of the basic core of services that will be improved and added to over time, so look for these improvements in the future.

All organizations, regardless of size, and whether for-profit, not-for-profit/NGO or government can use GJOA.US to buy and sell all their goods and services. About 90% of all goods and services bought and sold globally are represented by our category system [Harmonized Tariff Code].

GJOA.US is not a social network but rather a serious "do business" venue designed from scratch as a professional "business facilitation" tool to simply help our Registered Buyers and Sellers identify, negotiate and do deals with one another, and to sustain those valuable business relationships over time..

Welcome to you all!