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GJOA  provides you the most direct, least costly and most profitable way to sell your products and services direct to interested buyers on a secure B2B marketplace.

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GJOA has designed a process whereby Registered Sellers can easily  establish and manage their virtual B2B Marketplaces. They can stipulate their specific policies, procedures, etc. so that buyers know exactly what Registered Sellers require in order to do business with them.

It is important to note these policies and procedures can be changed at any time the Registered Seller wants to update their information...a very flexible system for total B2B marketplace management.



Add Unlimited Products/Services

The GJOA Registered Seller B2B marketplace management function allows for loading an expansive catalogue of both products and services. These products and services listings can include images and additional information valuable to prospective buyers as they ponder their buying decision...and once that decision is made, RFQ and a shopping cart functions are available for use, or, in some instances, the decision may be made to complete the transaction using other means.

It is important to note that GJOA will, in addition to providing the shopping cart function, soon introduce GJOAESCROW allowing registered buyers and sellers to have the security of a global escrow system designed to insure that buyers get what they paid for, and sellers can be sure of receiving payment. Importantly, the GJOAESCROW system will also provide a dispute resolution process for instances where that becomes necessary.



Connect To Your Social Profile

While one of the main purposes of GJOA.US is to provide a purposely designed, dedicated global B2B facilitation destination, free from all the "static" that resides on social networking sites, we do realize many Registered Sellers would like to promote their B2B marketplaces on such websites.  To that end, GJOA provides a convenient method which facilitates Sellers placing their B2B marketplace information on the most popular social networks.

In the long run, GJOA believes that Registered Sellers will come to realize that trying to do business on websites that were designed for socializing, and who are now trying to "morph" into B2B, is a waste of precious time and money. No social website can provide the pure undiluted business focus and profit-generating power of GJOA.US...and none can touch the GJOA "bang for the buck.