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Please help us out during our post launch phase by reporting any bugs or glitches to  We appreciate your support during this time.

Start Buying-FAQ

What does it cost to be a Buyer on GJOA?

There is no cost to set your company up as a Buyer on GJOA.  Once registered, you can search for products and services and send unlimited Requests For Quotes (RFQS) to Sellers/Suppliers for the purpose of sourcing competitive bids.  You can also choose to add products to your Shopping Cart and checkout/purchase items instantly, if you see the shopping cart option on the product pages.  Note, some sellers may choose not to activate instant purchases/shopping carts, electing ONLY to use the RFQ system.  This is the Seller's choice.  If you don't see a shopping cart option simply send the RFQ or contact the seller directly using their information found on their Company Profile page.


I see GJOA just launched in July 2018.  What is my incentive to get in early?

Great question.  As a newly launched B2B Marketplace Platform we rely on your decision to join GJOA.  There is no cost/barrier to entry and with your registration as a buyer it will help to grow our marketplace and to hit critial mass, and attract more suppliers, which benefits you in the end.  

And, keep in mind, GJOA can by used by both your company purchasing/procurment team(s) as well as your sales team(s) by upgrading to a paid seller account ($49.95/year Introductory, Expires 12/31/18 then reverts to our standard starting subscription of $149.95/year).  Make sure to tell your sales team about GJOA and you both can benefit from being a member.  You can upgrade to a paid seller account using the link found on your Buyer administration page.